The Team

Revolutionising today’s farming practices to deliver global food security for the future.

Our team

Genics has assembled a highly skilled team equipped to deliver.

Melony Sellars

Director, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Melony Sellars has 20 years of experience in Aquaculture, with an in-depth background in shrimp aquaculture. She has extensive expertise in the application of novel biotech solutions for industry, genetics and breeding programs.

Peter Blunt

Director, Chief Operating Officer

Mr Peter Blunt is a highly experienced general manager in technology related enterprises. He holds formal legal and accounting qualification and has over 25 years’ practical experience in business development, operations and commercialisation of new technologies.

Ralf Moser

Research and Development Director

Dr. Ralf Moser has over 20 years of global leadership experience in Biotechnology. His wide-ranging expertise extends to all major genomics applications to identify and detect genetic variations in human, animals, bacteria and viruses.

Louise Franz

Research Scientist

Ms Louise Franz has substantial experience in laboratory quality control and accreditation in human and animal health diagnostics laboratories. She is an experienced biotechnologist and assay design expert.

Chris Eccleston

Marketing and Communications Manager

Mr Chris Eccleston is a highly experienced brand, marketing and communications manager. In his 20 year career he has worked with start-ups and scale-ups in developing their competitive advantage, value proposition and communication strategy. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) awarded with distinction from one of Australia’s top-rated MBA programs.

Our expert advisors

The following industry leaders support the Genics team as our advisory board.

Nigel Preston

Dr Nigel Preston is a global authority on aquaculture with extensive research experience in the industry, with international governments and policy makers. He has previously served as Director General of World Fish and has also held various director roles of aquaculture and food futures programs at CSIRO.

Matthew West

Mr Matthew West is president of the Australian Prawn Farmers Association (APFA) and General Manager of Australian Prawn Farms. He has over 20 years of experience farming shrimp in Australia and managing our Queensland-based industry while working with state and national regulatory authorities.

Hugo LeMessurier

Mr Hugo LeMessurier is an experienced business strategist and biotechnology executive with 20 years of human and animal diagnostic and therapeutic experience. He has held directorships and senior management positions in start-up, listed and multinational organisations in the EU, US and Australia. Hugo specialises in commercialisation of new technologies across a range of early stage healthcare, food, defence, advisory and specialty chemical businesses.


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