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Shrimp MultiPath2.0™

One test to detect 18 shrimp pathogens

Get early warning of disease in your animals weeks before they show the first symptoms, preventing costly stock losses


The world’s most accurate genetic analysis for shrimp breeding programs

ShrimpID provides detailed relatedness estimates and markers within genes that regulate productivity and disease resistance


Digital phenotyping for optimal shrimp health and productivity

ShrimpTracker automatically captures the most detailed shrimp data possible, including an unprecedented number of phenotype categories


Underpinned by Shrimp MultiPath and ShrimpID, Enduro delivers cost-effective health management & pedigree analysis


Histopathology diagnostics of shrimp tissue to discover cellular organisation, abnormal cell structures & foreign bodies 


Biosecurity benchmark audits & DNA analysis of waterborne pathogens provide enhanced farm biosecurity


Reduce risk & maximize profits with a simpletounderstand operational scorecard of hidden threats & opportunities 


Optimize business growth with Genics360 consulting: R&D projects, commercial validation, health & breeding programs 

Genics Accelerate

Reach your goals faster with a Genics Accelerate program tailored to meet the needs of mediumsized shrimp farms 

What do our clients say about Genics?

“As a repeat customer, I am constantly impressed by how Genics data allows me to make crucial data-driven decisions leading to improved farm performance. We have used Shrimp MultiPath a number of times as a mechanism to better understand the overall health of our shrimp. This, in turn helps our farm reduce risk of disease, lower costs, and increase productivity” – Carlos Elizalde, Oro del Pacifico – Guatamala

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Optimize all your farm operations

Genics’ comprehensive shrimp solutions suite includes industry-leading pathogen testing, breeding programs and productivity services