Aquaculture America 2020 Conference, 9-12 Feb

Join us in Hawaii at Aquaculture America 2020 Conference, 9-12 Feb. Dr Melony Sellars has just registered!

100% commitment from Genics. See you there!

INFOFISH World Shrimp Trade Conference and Exposition 12-14 Nov

Dr Melony Sellars presents at INFOFISH World Shrimp Trade Conference and Exposition 12-14 Nov on the benefits of Genics’ diagnostic kit in improving production yields for shrimp farmers.

Read the full article from Undercurrent News here (posted NOV 12|11:25 PM GMT)

Partnership takes Shrimp MultiPath testing to Kenya, Aquaculture Magazine

A new partnership between Mtoni Ltd and Genics is providing transformational capacity to detect and manage shrimp pathogens by providing critical access to the Shrimp MultiPath™ platform. Read the full article p.16-19 in the latest issue*.

Shrimp MultiPath is commercially available through Genics with testing performed in NATA accredited ISO17025 Australian Service Laboratories.

*Aquaculture Magazine, Issue October-November 2019, Vol 45, No. 5, p.16-19.
Image: Courtesy of Aquaculture Magazine

Genics visits customers and stakeholders in Vietnam

Genics completes a week long visit with customers and stakeholders in Vietnam to discuss how Shrimp MultiPath can add value to local business. We are planning another visit soon so please make contact if you would like to talk in person

Image: Mr Thong Nguyen Van, TPT Aquaculture Technology Trading and Mr Peter Blunt, Genics Director, Chief Operating Officer.

Genics CEO wins Menzies Science Entrepreneur Fellowship

Genics CEO Dr Sellars wins one of three prestigious Menzies Science Entrepreneur Fellowships. The Menzies Foundation and CSIRO’s ON Program fellowship support will fast-track delivery of Shrimp MultiPath pathogen testing to the global market place.

Photo: CSIRO CEO Dr Larry Marshall (left) and Menzies Foundation Director Peter Jopling (right) with the three Menzies award winners Jinghua Fang, Simon Gross and Dr Melony Sellars.

Genics wins CSIRO ON Impact Award

Genics wins CSIRO ON Impact Award at the bi-annual ONTribe Forum. With pathogen testing now delivered to Shrimp production sectors globally from their Australian NATA Accredited ISO17025 Service Laboratories, Genics are delivering Shrimp MultiPath and demonstrating measurable commercial impact through improved shrimp production.

Photo: Co-Founder CSIRO ON Program Mr David Burt with CEO Genics Dr Melony Sellars.

North American Broodstock screening health check

Jorge Tamayo from North American Broodstock holding a healthy shrimp in their Californian facilities. After a Shrimp MultiPath health check this week Jorge is confident of the high health of his shrimp.

In Jorge’s words “Genics have been fantastic to work with, helping us to design a sampling plan to maximise value for money with our pathogen screening and ensure we would be in a position to make informed management decisions based on the data. We are very happy with their service and the Shrimp MultiPath output. What a great company to help service the pathogen screening needs of our global shrimp industry.”

To learn more about Shrimp MultiPath visit

Testing samples for our indoor RAS client in Europe

Team Genics enjoying another busy Friday testing samples from our latest client in Europe on Shrimp MultiPath.

The indoor RAS shrimp industry in Europe is booming with a number of new facilities producing for the high end local gourmet market. In enclosed systems, testing every input is essential to maintaining biosecurity of the system and protecting it from pathogen risk.

Kenya’s mangrove conservation program receives health check

Kenya’s community-based, integrated mangrove conservation shrimp farming enterprises will receive a Shrimp MultiPath health check by Genics this week. With testing performed in NATA accredited ISO17025 Australian Service Laboratories. Test results will enable farmers to understand pathogen risks within their systems and implement data-driven management decisions to exclude pathogens. Contact us to find out more.

The pathway to global adoption transforms industry management

Rapid global adoption of the revolutionary Shrimp MultiPath pathogen testing platform since commercial release in early 2019 is transforming how our industry manages risk during production.

Contact us to find out how MultiPath can add value to your Shrimp business.