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COVID-19 announcement. Despite the 3-day COVID-19 lockdown in greater Brisbane (January 8 to 11, 2021), our Brisbane and Melbourne testing facilities and labs are 100% operational and processing client samples as usual. If you have any questions, please contact us labs@genics.com

It’s our Birthday!

On December 2, 2018 Genics officially became a company. And today we a very excited to reach our second birthday. This has been achieved with a lot of hard work by many good people, and of course dedicated customers who believe in the power of data to reduce risk and boost productivity.

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Future proofing Australian salmon farming

Genics joins Ridley, The University of Queensland, CSIRO and Deakin University to future proof the Australian Salmon Industry. 

We’re very excited to announce our involvement in one of the most important aquaculture nutritional and healthcare projects in Australian history. The AUD$3 million initiative, starting September 2020 and funded by the Australian Government, seeks to better understand the nutritional and health needs of Australian salmon in the warmer months.

Genics CEO Dr. Melony Sellars said “We have a track record of supporting and empowering Australian farmers through the power of data. In this initiative, we’ll join some of Australia’s leading organisations to future proof the salmon industry for Australian farmers and consumers. We’ll do this employing our flagship diagnostic tool – MultiPath. With unrivalled sensitivity and specificity, MultiPath provides stakeholders in this initiative with tremendous confidence in the data, reporting and recommendations.  

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We’re hiring

Senior Research and Development Officer – St Lucia Brisbane, QLD

Join an Australian company that is a global leader

Genics has a mission – To create the world’s most advanced pathogen detection company delivering global food security. Our vision is also compelling – To help farmers reduce risk, boost productivity and sustainability to meet increases in global food demand. Pretty exciting stuff. The sort of stuff that keeps our team very focussed on delivering amazing service and state-of-the-art technology.

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A new tool in the battle against decapod iridescent virus (DIV-1)

A new diagnostic tool that can detect a range of aquatic pathogens, including DIV-1, between two and four weeks before clinical signs are apparent to shrimp farmers, has recently been launched by Genics.

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Introducing Shrimp MultiPath Xtra

The trusted name in pathogen detection just got better.

Introducing Shrimp MultiPath Xtra

Shrimp MultiPath Xtra is our new state-of-the-art early warning system scanning for 14 pathogens of commercial significance. Xtra enjoys all the data innovation found in the original Shrimp MultiPath (13 pathogens) with the much anticipated addition of Decapod iridescent virus 1, DIV-1.

Decapod Iridescent Virus 1 (DIV1) is a recently emerged infectious agent causing high mortality in Penaeus vannamei. DIV1 can affect late-postlarvae, juvenile and subadult shrimp, mainly during low temperature seasons. The very recent emergence of the virus has not allowed sufficient research to link external effects such as environmental, nutritional, physiological or pathological stressors to influence the susceptibility and level of mortality of the viral disease. The main target organs for DIV1 infections are hematopoietic tissue, gills and hepatopancreatic sinuses. High mortality of up to 80% has been reportedin farmed P. vannamei.

DIV1 virus has additionally been detected in wild specimens of P. monodon caught in the Indian Ocean, and it is therefore highly recommended to screen every batch of wild-caught P. monodon broodstock destined for use in commercial shrimp aquaculture facilities for DIV1 viral load by molecular based tests like PCR.

The Shrimp MultiPath Xtra PCR test will help to confirm DIV1 infections as well as provide information to producers about presence and/or absence of this virus and other shrimp pathogens frequent in culture systems, in a precise, reliable and quantitative way (number of pathogens per sample).

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IHHNV impacts on production – Hatchery Magazine featuring Genics CEO Melony Sellars and Alistair Dick.

Australia has a range of commercially impactful shrimp pathogens. These vary from region to region with some causing mass mortality. For instance, white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) and Vibrio bacteria that express toxins. There are also pathogens that cause sustained reduction in growth and survival performance, such as infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosisvirus (IHHNV).

You can read the rest of this article from the Hatchery Magazine featuring Genics CEO Melony Sellars and Alistair Dick and IHHNV impacts on production. For the full article http://www.hatcheryfm.com/hatcheryfeed-magazine/

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Take a deeper dive with Genics’ growing histopathology diagnostics

Histopathology diagnostics is a specialty service that involves examining the tissue and cellular structure at a microscopic level to look for abnormal cell structures, cellular organisation and foreign bodies. At Genics service laboratories accredited Veterinary Pathologists perform these detailed examinations looking for such abnormalities and linking their observations to causative agents in the original specimen or animal, and in the field. Our personnel each hold over 20 years of experience in histological analysis and diagnostics.

Importantly, histopathology empowers advanced holistic disease investigation, and when used in combination with MultiPath PCR testing or molecular science, delivers unrivalled investigation service to our clients to pinpoint the true cause of production impacting disease events.

Such investigations further strengthen Genics customised health management programs, and implementation of early warning systems for producers. Ultimately, early pathogen detection through a well designed and implemented health management program, will mitigate disease risk and maximise your farm profits.

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