Partnership takes Shrimp MultiPath testing to Kenya, Aquaculture Magazine

A new partnership between Mtoni Ltd and Genics is providing transformational capacity to detect and manage shrimp pathogens by providing critical access to the Shrimp MultiPath™ platform. Read the full article p.16-19 in the latest issue*.

Shrimp MultiPath is commercially available through Genics with testing performed in NATA accredited ISO17025 Australian Service Laboratories.

*Aquaculture Magazine, Issue October-November 2019, Vol 45, No. 5, p.16-19.
Image: Courtesy of Aquaculture Magazine

Genics visits customers and stakeholders in Vietnam

Genics completes a week long visit with customers and stakeholders in Vietnam to discuss how Shrimp MultiPath can add value to local business. We are planning another visit soon so please make contact if you would like to talk in person

Image: Mr Thong Nguyen Van, TPT Aquaculture Technology Trading and Mr Peter Blunt, Genics Director, Chief Operating Officer.