Testing samples for our indoor RAS client in Europe

Team Genics enjoying another busy Friday testing samples from our latest client in Europe on Shrimp MultiPath.

The indoor RAS shrimp industry in Europe is booming with a number of new facilities producing for the high end local gourmet market. In enclosed systems, testing every input is essential to maintaining biosecurity of the system and protecting it from pathogen risk.

Kenya’s mangrove conservation program receives health check

Kenya’s community-based, integrated mangrove conservation shrimp farming enterprises will receive a Shrimp MultiPath health check by Genics this week. With testing performed in NATA accredited ISO17025 Australian Service Laboratories. Test results will enable farmers to understand pathogen risks within their systems and implement data-driven management decisions to exclude pathogens. Contact us to find out more.

Dapetsa and Genics Support Ecuadorian Shrimp Producers

Dapetsa Consulting Group CEO John Weir and Genics CEO Dr Melony Sellars discuss the benefits of Shrimp MultiPath for Ecuadorian shrimp producers.

We are dedicated to supporting Ecuadorian shrimp producers so that they can receive a boost in production through MultiPath screening of postlarvae to ensure high health before pond stocking.