Securing global food production through
smart pathogen detection and breeding selection.

Cutting testing costs for all shrimp farmers and transforming disease and stock line management.

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Our Vision

Genics is revolutionising today’s farming practices to deliver global food security for the future. Disease is a major impediment to productivity in food production systems globally, and is often a non-insurable open risk.

Genics provides solutions to help understand and mitigate these risks, maximising production efficiencies and making high quality animal protein for human consumption more affordable.

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Shrimp MultiPath

A smart detection system that cuts testing costs for prawn farmers and transforms how shrimp diseases are managed globally.

Detects 13 pathogens, including all that severely impact shrimp aquaculture, in a single test

Identifies different genetic variants of relevant pathogens

Includes controls to validate every test result and quantify infection severity

Includes control tests to validate RNA and/or DNA sample integrity

Rapidly generates results on large numbers of samples with fast data turnaround times

Shrimp ID

Heritage panels that determine stock pedigree and genetic relationship, empowering farmers to make smart breeding choices.

Includes Pacific White (Litopenaeus vannamei) and Black Tiger (Penaeus monodon) Shrimp ID panels

Based on DNA Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) markers, selected for high end performance by CSIRO

Delivers powerful pedigree/relationship assignment, ideal for maximising genetic diversity

Includes control tests to confirm DNA sample integrity

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Shrimp MultiPath and Shrimp ID technology is now available to help improve testing efficiencies for your business.

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